Custom Booking – Kristian Bain – Nov 1 & 2

By: Shaggy Jack

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Sun, 01 Nov 2020 09:00 AM - Mon, 02 Nov 2020 02:00 PM


Part 1: Introduction to Mushroom Identification – 3 Hours @ Orca’s Pod

Classroom Presentation: Shaggy Jack gives beginners a crash course slideshow presentation in mushroom foraging, teaching the basics of mushroom life cycles & ecology, how to safely identify & pick mushrooms, what resources are needed for mushroom picking, & introduces students to a wide variety of common edible, medicinal & toxic mushroom species found on the Sunshine Coast, with tips on identifying, harvesting, processing & cooking specific species.

Part 2: Forest Foraging Excursion – 2.5 Hours @ outdoor spot near Gibsons or Roberts Creek

For the second half of the class, Shaggy Jack takes students on a field trip to one of his favorite mushroom picking spots to identify & forage for mushrooms in their natural forest habitat. This gives students hands-on experience picking mushrooms while Shaggy Jack helps students identify mushrooms and answers their questions.

Part 3: Graduate Foraging Excursion – 5 Hours @ outdoor spot near Gibsons or Roberts Creek

Join Shaggy Jack for a fully immersive 5 hour forest mushroom identification & foraging experience. Students will have the opportunity to forage for some of the Coast’s most popular edible mushrooms, including matsutake (pine) & chanterelles, as well as lesser-known exotic mushrooms, in productive forest sites, as Shaggy Jack hunts for edibles for the market. These excursions are best suited for people who are in decent shape for advanced hiking trails and have the ability to deal with rough, off-trail forest terrain, steep trails & banks, as well as for people who have some experience & basic knowledge of mushroom picking.

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Orca's Pod,

292 Gower Point Road,


British Columbia,

V0N 1V9,