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Breathe In The Forest: Mindful Nature Walks

Breathe In The Forest: Mindful Nature Walks

Reconnect and restore your mind, body & soul amongst the trees.

Breathe In The Forest is a deeply relaxing, guided mindful nature walk through the coastal forests of Mt. Elphinstone, on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Your guides, Shaggy Jack and Ross McKeachie, gently facilitate a restorative reconnection with nature and yourself using breathwork, mindfulness techniques and forest education. 

Each two-hour session offers lasting benefits that unfold over the following days and weeks.

Benefits of Breathe In The Forest:

Stress Relief: Soothe and reset your nervous system with simple vagus nerve exercises and breathwork (pranayama).

Mindfulness: Awaken your senses with interoception practises, leading to heightened intuition and deeper connection to yourself and the forest.

Enhanced Wellbeing: Boost your immunity from inhaling the forest's healing cocktail of phytoncides; natural chemical compounds that repair your body. Learn More

Knowledge: Gain insight into the local plant life and their medicinal properties and uses.

Self-Care: Adopt techniques for your personal ongoing nature therapy practise.

About Your Guides:

Shaggy Jack is a wild mushroom foraging and forest education expert and has guided hundreds of people through the local forests, helping them to better understand and reconnect with nature.

Ross McKeachie is a trained coach and practitioner of traditional Yoga & Tantra – the original psycho-somatic-spiritual life sciences indigenous to India. He is the host of Branches of Wisdom (The Banyen Books Podcast), as well as the Community Director and Assistant Teacher Trainer at Arkaya Foundation – a traditional school of full-spectrum, decolonized Yoga & Tantra offering international programs to students online and in-person.

Length: approximately 2 hours, starting at 10am.

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