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Shaggy Jack's Dried Pacific Golden Chanterelles

Shaggy Jack's Dried Pacific Golden Chanterelles

Of all the wild mushrooms you can hunt and eat, golden chanterelles are some of the most widely available and prized. They're enjoyed the world over for plenty of reasons: a great, meaty texture, a paradigm shifting flavour if you're used to eating cultivated mushrooms, and an aroma as sweet as the ripest apricot you've ever smelled. 

Unlike other dried wild mushrooms that can be used much the same way fresh. Chanterelles become a different product when dried, slightly milder and more dense, and are better suited use in soups, as a rub or, in sauces and gravies and should not be used like a fresh ones would be, try using in rubs, sauces stuffings and infused in foods. 

These were locally foraged and processed on the Sunshine Coast by Shaggy Jack's Wild Mushrooms.

1oz bag

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