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Growing Mushrooms for Beginners by Sarah Dalziel-Kirchhevel

Growing Mushrooms for Beginners by Sarah Dalziel-Kirchhevel

A practical introduction to growing and enjoying mushrooms at home.

Cultivating your own mushrooms is simple and satisfying once you've mastered a few basics. Growing Mushrooms for Beginners is full of advice, techniques, and step-by-step instructions for growing a range of edible and medicinal mushrooms at home, whether you have a sprawling backyard, a tiny balcony, or no outdoor space at all.

  • Cultivation at a glance-Get started with a straightforward guide to the basics of the cultivation process, and explore simple setups that require minimal space and investment.
  • A variety of growing mediums-Learn everything you need to know to successfully grow mushrooms on logs, straw, sawdust and woodchips, compost, and in mason jars.
  • Project-specific pointers-Find troubleshooting tips for every growing project, plus instructions for freezing, drying, and cooking with your harvest.
  • Popular mushroom profiles-Explore detailed profiles of 7 novice-friendly mushroom types, like oyster and lion's mane, including their unique characteristics, flavors, health benefits, and specific growing requirements.
  • 30 culinary and medicinal recipes
  • Discover delicious recipes to showcase your mushroom harvest, from Cordyceps Tea to Tri-Mushroom Curry.

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