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Shaggy Jack's Dried Reishi

Shaggy Jack's Dried Reishi

Almost magical, these mushrooms are very rare. From a group of 10,000 aged trees, only two or three produce the network of fungus that can grow Reishi mushrooms. These mushrooms are known as the “King of Herbs”. Ganoderma Lucidum is a polypore mushroom also known as Lingzhi in China and as Reishi in Japan.

Reishi Tea

1. Break down the dried reishi mushroom in smaller pieces which are better for hot water extraction

2. Use about 4 - 5 cups of water for every 3 - 5 grams of reishi

3. Bring the water to a boil in a stainless steel or ceramic pot. Don't use aluminum.

4. Add the broken down mushroom pieces and Reduce the heat until the mixture is simmering, not boiling. Let it simmer for 2 hours.

5. Remove from the heat, strain, and set aside. Let the liquid cool for a little and it will be ready to drink.


2.7oz bag

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