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Mesh Drawstring Bag

Mesh Drawstring Bag

MESH BAG: This mesh bag is made of a high-quality polyester, making them reusable and ultra-strong.  Use this bag for foraging adventures, hunting, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. 

DURABLE MATERIAL: Polyester is a lightweight material that has a natural resistance to chemicals, weather, UV rays, and moisture. The mesh design of our bag allows for ample air flow and keeps mushrooms secure and visible.

EMERGENCY CORD: The drawstring cord keeps clothes and other gear tightly packed in the bag without the worry of zipper malfunctions. The tie line can be removed and used as an emergency cord when needed.

SIZE & COLOR: Choose from multiple size options of 12 x 18 Inches, 18 x 24 Inches, and 24 x 36 Inches, with or without shoulder straps. We offer our mesh bag in the color black.

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