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Noble Black Truffle Sauce

Noble Black Truffle Sauce

The old-world craftsman at Noble have used their generations-old traditional recipes to produce some of the finest truffle preserves in the world. Highly sought after by professional gourmet chefs and gourmands, and served in some of the finest restaurants, as well as used for everyday family dinners.

Noble Black Truffle Sauce is finely-crafted using only the finest ingredients Italy has to offer. Noble starts with their world-renown black summer truffles harvested from Italy and they carefully combine Champignon mushrooms, black olives, salt, garlic, parsley, and aroma together in sunflower seed oil. The result is a rich, flavorful, versatile sauce that brings forth an incredible depth of flavor to any recipe. 

Noble Black Truffle Sauce is teeming with rich and powerful epicurean flavors. 

Use Noble Black Truffle Sauce as you would with normal butter, tossing it with veggies, pasta, or zesting up risotto. You can add it to sauces or gravies, drizzle it over grilled meats and fowl; add it to casseroles or potatoes, and have it stand-alone as a bruschetta topping.


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