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Rawcology Organic Matcha Latte Superfood Coconut Chips

Rawcology Organic Matcha Latte Superfood Coconut Chips

Our Matcha Latte Superfood Coconut™ Chips are a GMO-free way to enjoy a sweet, crunchy snack, while also getting your daily dose of energy. With only 5 ingredients, our coconut chips are coated in premium matcha powder, virgin coconut oil, a touch of coconut palm sugar, and pink Himalayan salt.  

Functional Ingredients: Superfood ingredients in these chips include matcha and coconut, that when combined, make the perfect healthy energy snack (without another cup of coffee). There are many reasons why people are jumping on the matcha bandwagon. Matcha has 10 times more antioxidants than other green teas, naturally energizes the body, and elevates your mood with its dopamine-raising powers. Coconut is a healthy (and delicious) way to include fiber in your diet, while providing a quick source of energy for midday slumps. We source our matcha ethically and locally from Toronto tea company, Lemon Lily, and use plant-based sweetener, coconut sugar, to ensure our coconut chips are a low-sugar, sweet snack. 

Complete your meal or snack wisely: Always gluten-free, certified organic, and ethically sourced, our chips are the perfect healthy on-the-go treat, or a great addition to your grocery list when searching for an easy vegan snack.

Ingredients: Coconut flakes*, Coconut sugar*, Virgin coconut oil*, Matcha powder*, Pink Himalayan salt. *Organic

Rawcology’s allergen free guarantee: Always organic, our products are manufactured in our dedicated facility free from the top eleven allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, milk, eggs, gluten, mustard, crustaceans, fish, soy, and sulphites.

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