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Shaggy Jack's Matsutake Gohan

Shaggy Jack's Matsutake Gohan

In Japan, the seasons play a central role in determining the flavors and colors of the food. While greenhouses and modern transportation networks allow “seasonal” produce to be had all year round, there’s an irresistible draw to the fleeting seasonality of ingredients. That’s why there’s still a great emphasis placed on the seasons.

Matsutake mushrooms are the embodiment of this fixation on seasonality with a primary season lasting just a few short weeks during fall. They have a bouncy, almost crunchy texture when cooked, and exude a clean earthy aroma reminiscent of cedar.

Cooking time 15 minutes. Serves 1-2 dishes. Add soy sauce, spring onion and sake for extra flavour.

Ingredients: Organic Kombu, locally foraged BC Pine Mushrooms, Japanese short-grain style rice

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