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Untamed Feast Smoked Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto

Untamed Feast Smoked Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto

A mediterranean inspired chanterelle mushroom side dish that has beautiful colour and big, bold flavour. Mildly spicy, with a sundried tomato tang and our signature alder smoked chanterelle mushrooms.

Serves 4. Ready in 25 mins.

Pairs perfectly with spicy chorizo, chicken, or roasted or bbq’d vegetable skewers.

Cooking video - Smoked Mushroom Risotto 

Ingredients: Italian style rice, alder smoked wild chanterelle mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, spices (onion, wild stinging nettle leaf, garlic, paprika, beet sugar, sea salt, wild mushroom powder, parsley, chilli pepper, white pepper). Allergens: may contain sulfites, may have come into contact with tree nuts.


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