“My mushroom foraging experience with Shaggy Jack was second-to-none. I learned so much in a single day and I’ve been enjoying Lobster mushrooms, Pines and Chanterelles in my meals more than I’d like to admit.” – Rich U.

[Workshop] Shaggy Jack’s Wild Mushroom Foraging for Beginners


By attending this workshop you’ll feel comfortable to go foraging with a guidebook and be able to identify safe-to-eat mushrooms that you can forage and cook at home.

We will start with a learning component indoors so you can learn the keys to identifying mushrooms that are safe to eat and which are poisonous (this is critical!).

Then we will head outside for a short foraging excursion so you can learn in real-time how to forage correctly. This is a rewarding skill that lasts a lifetime.

Workshop Agenda:

Part 1: Introduction To Mushroom Identification

Classroom Presentation: Shaggy Jack gives beginners a crash course slideshow presentation in mushroom foraging, teaching the basics of mushroom life cycles & ecology, how to safely identify & pick mushrooms, what resources are needed for mushroom picking, & introduces students to a wide variety of common edible, medicinal & toxic mushroom species found on the Sunshine Coast, with tips on identifying, harvesting, processing & cooking specific species.

Part 2: Forest Foraging Excursion

For the second half of the class, Shaggy Jack takes students on a field trip to one of his favorite mushroom picking spots to identify & forage for mushrooms in their natural forest habitat. This gives students hands-on experience picking mushrooms while Shaggy Jack helps students identify mushrooms and answers their questions.

Group Discounts & Family Classes

In order to encourage people to stay in closed groups due to COVID concerns, Shaggy Jack is offering discounts to people who book classes with their family, friends or co-workers. For groups of 4-6 people, we are also offering the option of booking classes off-schedule on any date that is convenient for the group. Families with children who wish to participate in the classes will be able to bring their children ages 5-14 for a discounted price of $10/child, with kids under 5 able to attend for free.  Custom prices may be worked out for families that want to participate in an abridged 3-hour class.

COVID-19 Class Protocols

The Classroom Presentation portion of the workshop will take place indoors and will be limited to 6 people per class in order to maintain social distancing. The space will be well ventilated with fans and open doors and windows, and workshop participants will be encouraged to wear masks. If you do not have a mask, they will be available by donation on site. Workshop participants will also have the option to alternatively participate in webinar classes rather than attending the class in person. People will have the option of webinar-only classes, or taking a webinar class and joining a forest foraging excursion later.

Wild Mushroom Foraging Excursions

Join Shaggy Jack for a fully immersive 4-5 hour forest mushroom identification & foraging experience. Students will have the opportunity to forage for some of the Coast’s most popular edible mushrooms, including matsutake (pine) & chanterelles, as well as lesser-known exotic mushrooms, in productive forest sites, as Shaggy Jack hunts for edibles for the market.


Wild Mushroom Foraging Excursions

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