Shaggy Jack's Food Market

Located in the Gibsons Public Market down by the picturesque Gibsons waterfront, our food market specializes in local, wild, artisan and sustainable foods.

We're excited to be your neighbourhood grocery store and foodie destination in Lower Gibsons, BC.

We stock a wide selection of fresh produce, bulk items, everyday essentials and unique small batch brands you won’t find anywhere else on the Sunshine Coast!

  • Shaggy Jack's Food Market Fresh Produce Organic Local Gibson's Public Market

    Fresh Produce

  • Shaggy Jack's Food Market Artisan, Local & Small Batch New World Nut Butters Artisan's Way

    Artisan, Local & Small Batch Foods

  • Shaggy Jack's Food Market Bulk Items Beans, Legumes, Rice, Flours, Organic, Zero Waste

    Bulk Items

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Looking for a particular brand or product? Give us a shout, and we'd be happy to let you know what's currently on our shelves! 604-330-5775

  • Shaggy Jack's Food Market Cold Drinks Kombucha Sparkling Beverage Local BC

    Cold Drinks

  • Shaggy Jack Food Market Dairy and Alternatives, Vegan and Grocery Staples, Produce, Condiments

    Dairy, Dairy Alternatives & Local Eggs

  • Shaggy Jack's Pantry Staples, Amy's Soup, Pacific Foods Soup, Pasta, Que Pasa Tortilla Chips

    Pantry Staples

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And don’t forget the mushrooms!

Shaggy Jack’s Food Market carries fresh and dried mushrooms, mushroom health supplements, guide books and mushroom-themed art.

We are always happy to chat about our favourite fungi.

  • Shagg Jack's Mushroom Supplements and Health Products Harmonic Arts, Mycelyum, Chaga Tea

    Mushroom Supplements

  • Shaggy Jack's Mushroom Books and Identification Guides British Columbia

    Mushroom Books & Identification Guides

  • Shaggy Jack's Food Market Mushroom Food Products Specialty Organic Vegan

    Mushroom Specialty Food Products

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Are your eggs local?

Yes, all of our eggs are local and free range. We get them weekly from small chicken farms on both Keats Island and in Gibsons.

Do you carry local and organic produce?

We try our best to carry as much local and organic produce as possible as well as conventional produce to keep our selection abundant year-round. May through September is the best time of year for local produce and when our produce section is most plentiful. If there’s a specific item you’re curious about, please ask us!

Can you identify mushrooms for me?

Yes! Bring the mushroom(s) into the store or take photos to show us. For identification it’s best to have photos from as many angles as possible so we can see all the identifying characteristics.

Do you do special orders?

If there is something you’ve been looking for, please feel free to reach out. We’ll see what we can do depending on our suppliers and order dates.

What kind of mushrooms do you carry?

We carry a variety of dried and cultivated mushrooms year-round. Our cultivated mushrooms are from Walker Creek Farm here on the Sunshine Coast.  Depending on seasonality, we carry various species of local and regional wild foraged mushrooms.

How does the bulk section work?

If you haven’t used our bulk section before we are here to help you. Feel free to bring your own jars or bags to fill or take advantage of the free paper bags available in the store, or you may purchase jars which are available in a variety of sizes.

Please allow us to weigh your containers before you fill them so you are not overcharged. If you don’t feel confident getting bulk items on your own, we can assist you with filling your containers.

Where are your flowers from?

We receive fresh bouquets multiple times a week from Rainflorist in Gibsons.

The Gibsons Public Market

The team at Shaggy Jack’s Food Market is proud to be a part of a vibrant community of small businesses located in the Gibsons Public Market.